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One can only describe the feeling I get when I read over our Italy Trip itinerary as ecstatic. As the dates grow closer and closer, I am pleased to finally be able to share our itinerary with you, Dear Reader.

The trip takes us to the beautiful city of Umbria, Italy, the exact geographical center of Italy. It is in this beautifully preserved medieval hill town that we will be savoring fine Italian food, taking cooking and wine classes, going on tours of vineyards and farms, and so many more incredible activities. I expect that we will learn so many new things, make memories with friends old and new, and gain new insights into the secret powers of cooking with olive oil.

If just the brief description didn't give you wanderlust, I hope, Dear Reader, that my brief overview of our trip will make you itch to search for your suitcase and passport.

Over the course of two weeks (August 4-August 18, 2019) We will:

-feast on the finest Italian cooking

-attend wine tastings

-take cooking classes

-shop at local flea markets

-take ballroom dancing classes

-plus visiting so many incredible historic sites around the countryside.

And now, Dear Reader, allow me to extend an invitation to strap on your walking shoes, take a leap of faith, and join us on this amazing journey. Please contact us at for information on how you can join our travel group.

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