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Olive Oils & Vinegars

Gourmet Olive Oils and Vinegars
Available in our Store and Online

We sell Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Fused & Infused Olive Oils 

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available in the following varietals:

Picual (Mild, IOO 171)
California Taggiasca (Mild, CATAGG800)
Koroneiki (Medium, IOO 219)
Argentinian Changlot (Medium, ARG020)
Australian Boort Estate Manzanillo (Robust, AUS652)
California Coratina (Robust, CACOR001)
Early Crush Arbosana (Robust, CH720)

These oils are available in three sizes: 200ml, 375 ml and 750 ml. The 750ml size is only available in our store and is not available for shipping at this time.


  • Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (IOO 171)
Displaying the signature varietal characteristics of Picual, this example is herbaceous with notes of herbs, green tomato leaves, and green grass. Slightly astringent with phenomenal chemistry.
Polyphenols: 185 ppm

  • California Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CATAGG800)
This is a delicate oil with a low intensity of bitterness and pungency, but with high fruitiness that makes it very well balanced. Good delicate oils are hard to make. This is a really good one with a nice strong floral aroma and taste with both ripe and green olive characteristics. The lasting flavor is of tropical sweetness, leafy vegetable greens, and cinnamon.
Polyphenols: 212ppm

  • Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil (IOO 219)
This assertive Koroneiki displays peppery sensations and lingering notes of green banana peel, bitter herb and cut grass. Nice and bold.
Polyphenols: 284ppm

  • Argentinian Changlot Extra Virgin Olive Oil (ARG020)

This is a deeply complex oil from an uncommon variety called Changlot Real - originally from Spain. It has almost equal levels of ripe and fresh green fruitiness, with rich, nutty, buttery, floral, and tropical flavors along with spicy herbaceous green apple, green banana, and green olive fruit flavors. It is very nicely balanced with a bold, harmonious, full, and round aftertaste.

Polyphenols: 312ppm

  • Australian Boort Estate Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AUS652)

Golden-green in hue and with the scent of fresh hay, green banana, melon, green tropical fruit, and grass, the Manzanillo super premium EVOO is unquestionably fruity and balanced. This robust olive oil is both bitter and pungent - a prime example of an early crush Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Polyphenols: 336ppm

  • California Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CACOR001)

It doesn't get much better that this for a robust intensity olive oil. It has a perfect balance of moderate bitterness, strong pungency, and very high fruitiness intensity. It is very floral with some delicate ripe fruity flavors. It is dominated, however, by fresh crisp, spicy herbal, green-apple, mint, and black pepper flavors, with a long lasting zingy cinnamon aftertaste.

Polyphenols: 348ppm

  • Early Crush Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CH720)
This early crush extra virgin olive oil has a nice floral, spicy, herbal aroma, which is followed by a fresh, zingy, complex, green flavor combination of fresh cut grass, green apple, mint, black pepper, and cinnamon. It has a great balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and quite a bit of pungency.
Polyphenols: 362ppm


Infusing is the process of adding flavor to olive oil after it has been made. The infused oils use the freshest extra virgin olive oils available that are most aesthetically compatible with the natural products used for flavoring.   This is a labor of love that you will find evident in the flavor, freshness and quality of our products.

  • Baklouti Green Chili Pepper Olive Oil

Baklouti Chili Olive Oil is made by combining one pound of organic extra virgin olive oil with 1.6 pounds of fresh whole green Baklouti chilies. The two, and only two, ingredients are then crushed, mixed, in the malaxer fusing the fresh green pepper with the organic olive oil. This oil adds a new and surprising dimension to all of your culinary creations.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Basil Olive Oil
    This delicate Super Premium EVOO is kissed by the bright and bold flavor of fresh basil oil extract. The vibrant and complex aroma and flavor of freshly chopped basil leaves are unequivocal. This bestselling olive oil beautifully enhances pasta, tomato-based soups, grilled vegetables, and soft cheeses. Use it as a base for a vibrant and flavorful arugula or spinach pesto, drizzle it over homemade tomato soup and use it to sauté, grill or roast vegetables, especially eggplant.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Blood Orange Olive Oil

Bright and zesty, this Super Premium EVOO is made with the fresh oil extract of Italian blood oranges. The sweet, slightly tart taste of blood oranges makes this olive oil even more attractive. Piquant but never pithy or bitter, it is clean, bright, citrusy, and almost exotic in aroma. Its versatile flavor profile and fruit forward aroma make this oil a staff and customer favorite. Drizzle it over oven roasted or grilled fish, combine it with your favorite vinegar to dress a salad, or bake into olive oil cakes and muffins. You will love it!

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Butter Olive Oil
    This creamy olive oil is naturally infused with the rich flavor of butter. Use this golden, vegetarian, dairy free olive oil as a butter substitute in baking or anywhere you might use melted butter including: over hot popcorn, with seafood i.e. crab or shrimp, to dip bread in, over pasta, mashed potatoes, rice or grits.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Cayenne Chili Olive Oil

Cayenne peppers are mostly red and contain a long lasting heat and spicy sensation that builds towards the end. Our Cayenne infused EVOO is made with only pepper extract from Cayenne peppers that have been carefully selected for their heat index. Named after the capital city of French Guiana, Cayenne, this pepper is a staple in Mexican, African, Middle-Eastern, Asian, and Southern American cuisines. It is a versatile olive oil that is also fantastic over oven-roasted cauliflower steaks or drizzled over creamy soups.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Chipotle Olive Oil
    Natural chipotle pepper oil extracts are added to our Super Premium EVOO to create a deep, rich and smoke-dried chipotle flavor explosion that is highlighted with a hint of smoked hickory. This well balanced infused EVOO is a customer favorite and perfect for grilled or smoked chicken and meat. Southwestern cuisine fans will be inspired by this authentic chipotle flavor and aroma. A 5 out of 10 on the heat index.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Cilantro and Red Onion Olive Oil

A nice balance of astringent and sweet, our cilantro and red onion infused olive oil has a very fresh depth of flavor. Its herbaceous piquant notes translate to a perfect olive oil for Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. We especially like using it in fish, chicken, flank, or skirt steak marinades, but it is also exceptionally delicious drizzled over freshly grilled corn. Our go-to olive oil for tacos, guacamole, salsas, chili and rice.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Cilantro and Roasted Onion Olive Oil
    A delightful marriage of the fruity essence of cilantro with the sweet depth of roasted onion. A very complex but flavorful oil with robust flavor of the cilantro that is balanced out with the sweet taste of roasted onion.  Perfect for Thai and Hispanic dishes and especially flavorful with roasted or grilled vegetables, eggs, rice, beans, shrimp, and chicken. Delicious drizzled over white chicken chili.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Dill Olive Oil
Wonderfully fragrant, bright, and delightful, this infused EVOO tastes just like the fresh herb. It’s deep, almost anise-like flavor is pleasantly savory. While it is superb for salad dressings, finishing creamy soups, or to flavor your favorite Scandinavian-inspired dishes, we also love this dill oil in fish, chicken, and lamb marinades. However, to really enjoy it’s flavor in its unadulterated state, be sure to drizzle it over poached salmon or gravlax!

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Garlic Olive Oil

This infused olive oil is the perfect example of a versatile culinary oil adding robust and assertive garlic flavor wherever garlic is required. Imagine smelling the aroma of a freshly peeled garlic clove diced into small pieces. Garlic olive oil pairs very well with just about any white balsamic, dark balsamic or fruit vinegar and is the essential finishing oil in many Mediterranean dishes.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Harissa Olive Oil
    Our all natural Harissa olive oil is made from premium, ultra fresh, extra virgin olive oil. Most popular in North Africa and the Middle East, is made with garlic, caraway, chili peppers (often smoked), and cumin and coriander which are pounded into a paste and left overnight to develop its flavors. We’ve added more peppers to this by popular demand, making it one of our hottest oils ever.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

These oils are available in three sizes: 200ml, 375 ml and 750 ml. The 750ml size is only available in our store and is not available for shipping at this time.

Home Cooking Demonstration

  • Herbes de Provence Olive Oil
    The French-inspired mix of dried herbs consisting of thyme, savory, marjoram, rosemary, and lavender lends a balanced and floral aroma to our Super Premium EVOO base. It is delicious in all Provencal and Mediterranean inspired dishes. This infused olive oil exhibits the most intoxicating floral nose with perfectly balanced herbaceous notes. Use this oil on roasts, in soups, seafood, omelettes, and grilled vegetables. The perfect oil for your version of ratatouille.
$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Italian Lemon Olive Oil

A Super Premium EVOO infused with the fresh oil and natural aromas of Italian lemon. The clean body and perfect condition of oil extracted from fresh Italian lemons create an exceptionally versatile olive oil that works beautifully on fresh pasta, grilled fish, roasted vegetables, and salads. Try using it to poach fish; the gentle, low and slow cooking method will turn a simple cut of fish into a silky smooth and gorgeously flavored elegant dish that requires little to no work.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Mesquite Hickory Smoke Olive Oil

This oil’s bold, distinctive taste is infused with natural wood-smoke flavors of mesquite and hickory that impart an ashy and meaty impression. Drizzle the oil over everything from steaks and chops to grilled vegetables and fresh crusty bread. A very aromatic infused extra virgin olive oil; this partners well with many different items.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Mexican Spice Olive Oil

This oil’s bold, distinctive taste is infused with natural wood-smoke flavors of mesquite and hickory that impart an ashy and meaty impression. Drizzle the oil over everything from steaks and chops to grilled vegetables and fresh crusty bread. A very aromatic infused EVOO; this partners well with many different items.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil
    Milanese Gremolata is a traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of lemon zest, minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint. The herbs and citrus zest are typically crushed together in a mortar to release their pungent essential oils. Try this oil over fresh fish, ossobuco, veal and slow braised dishes to add a zip of flavor!

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  •  Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil

Savory notes of smoky olive wood are infused with the highest quality, fresh extra virgin olive oil to make our Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil. Our smoked olive oil is all natural with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or refined carrier oils. The flavor of olive wood is commonly used for grilling fish, poultry, meats, and vegetables.

$11.00 – BUY NOW        $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Persian Lime Olive Oil
    A Super Premium EVOO infused with the fresh oil and natural aromas of Persian limes. The aromatic nose of lime zest combined with the structure of freshly extracted lime oil, lend an amazing flavor to all manner of Mediterranean, Latin or Caribbean cuisines. Combine it with any tropical fruit vinegar for a delicious vinaigrette or marinade. Delicious and well rounded, this olive oil will undoubtedly stimulate your senses.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Porcini Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil

Imagine delicate, round, and savory porcini mushrooms touched with a dash of freshly picked sage – and we have harnessed that flavor perfectly in this fantastic olive oil. Our Porcini Mushroom & Sage infused EVOO begins with a soft and delicate porcini flavor that is balanced by just enough fresh sage to give it an earthy and smooth aroma. This olive oil truly captures all the wonderful flavors that come with cooking with mushrooms. Try it to dress gnocchi, pasta, or risotto, but we just can’t get enough of it in Gruyere and mushroom omelettes. While it is just as good to finish braised or grilled meats, we highly recommend it in soups and stews. 

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Rosemary Olive Oil

Our Spanish Rosemary infused olive oil is perfectly balanced: a fresh and fruity Super Premium EVOO base is combined with a dash of rosemary oil to create a harmonious crescendo of rosemary that begins softly and ends with an earthy aromatic kick. Perfect for any meat roast, homemade breads, or Mediterranean inspired dishes. Combine it with any vinegar for a sweet and savory dressing or marinade. Adding a generous splash just before serving roasted vegetables or pasta makes simple dishes shout with flavor.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Sweet Butter Olive Oil

Utilizing vegetal extracts, sweet butter infused olive oil offers all the health benefits of EVOO and the delicious flavor of sweet butter without actually using butter. Its caramel top notes and rich, creamy center point make this olive oil the perfect substitute for melted butter in your favorite baking recipes. It is versatile, all-purpose cooking olive oil that not only is very well suited for baked potatoes, eggs, steamed vegetables, pasta, and rice, but also is the “secret ingredient” to making the most delicious popcorn!

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Tuscan Herb Olive Oil
    Our Tuscan Herb Infused EVOO is a favorite amongst chefs, staff, and customers alike. This is the highest quality, true-to-herb flavor olive oil available. The natural herb oil extracts and hint of fresh garlic have been combined with a fresh, super premium extra virgin olive oil base to create an inspired olive oil of the highest culinary standard. Top notes of dried basil, marjoram, garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and crushed pepper create a flavor explosion that is both balanced and harmonious. This classic infused olive oil is great for everyday use but especially delicious when drizzled on grilled vegetables, pizza, or pasta.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

  • Wild Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil
    Delicious combination of fresh herbaceous sage paired with an array of savory wild mushrooms. Try drizzled over cream of mushroom soup, on risotto, stuffing and aioli.

$11.00 – BUY NOW       $16.00 BUY NOW

These oils are available in three sizes: 200ml, 375 ml and 750 ml. The 750ml size is only available in our store and is not available for shipping at this time.


  • Almond Oil
All Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Walnut OilThe Roasted Almond Oil handcrafted in Woodland, California following a strict 150-year-old French traditional method. It’s the best way to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides. Roasted Almond oil adds a subtle taste to any dish and gives a fresh touch to your meal, transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary. The oil reveals subtle nuances when combined with other ingredients. When combined with any salad, fish, or vegetable dish, almond oil helps complete a gourmet meal! This oil is a popular addition to cookies, cakes, shortbread…it is absolutely wonderful on all baked goods!

$18.00 – BUY NOW       $26.00 BUY NOW

  • Avocado Oil

All Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Avocado Oil 100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from premium avocados. This emerald green oil has a fine fruity roundness that makes it lovely for both sweet and savory applications. Avocado oil is not only a super food oil that can be used in uncooked items like salads and dips, but it’s also highly recommended for cooking because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Rich and thick with a buttery sensation but no overwhelming flavors. 

$18.00 – BUY NOW       $26.00 BUY NOW

  • Black Truffle Oil
All Natural Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Natural Flavors Our Black Truffle infused EVOO has been created in tandem with Paolo Montanaro, president of the Italian Truffle Society in Alba, Italy. Paolo's black truffle oil beautifully
captures the essence and earthy aromas of a freshly foraged black winter truffle. The black truffle is earthy, mushroomy,
and less intense in flavor than its white truffle counterpart, which makes this Black Truffle infused EVOO chefs' favorite oil for risotto, eggs, steak, and Mushroom-Gruyerye pizza.

$21.00 – BUY NOW       $33.00 BUY NOW

  • Butternut Squash Seed Oil

All Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Butternut Squash Seed Oil – Made from 100% butternut squash seeds that are pressed in small batches, this incredible oil has a rich golden-amber color and a wonderful nutty flavor. It is cholesterol-free and extremely rich in Vitamin E. Buttery tasting and almost sweet, our Butternut Squash Seed oil is wonderfully versatile. It can be drizzled to finish vegetable soups or legume stews or even brushed over grilled or oven roasted meats or vegetables. It is also a delightful additions to stir-frys and steamed vegetables.

$19.00 – BUY NOW       $27.00 BUY NOW

  • Sesame Oil
All Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Sesame Oil – Our Japanese dark toasted sesame oil is roasted slow and low, and then pressed in small batches. It has a tremendous depth of rich, nutty flavor. One of the most flavorful and fragrant oils in the world! This oil is great for stir frying and for roasting vegetables.

$18.00 – BUY NOW       $26.00 BUY NOW

  • Walnut Oil

All Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Walnut Oil – Our handcrafted Roasted Walnut Oil from California is made following the strict 150 year-old French traditional methods; slowly roasted to perfection, then expeller-pressed and lightly filtered. Extracted from English walnuts, a.k.a. Persian walnuts, our walnut oil is cholesterol-free and rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. The rich and sophisticated flavor of roasted Californian walnuts is exceptionally tasty and adds an elegant aroma and flavor to salad dressings and baked goods. Although we love it drizzled over grilled or steamed vegetables, leafy winter greens and ravioli, it truly turns simple dishes into incredible show stoppers. 

$16.00 – BUY NOW       $24.00 BUY NOW

  • White Truffle Oil
All Natural Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Natural Flavors – Our White Truffle infused EVOO has been created in tandem with Paolo Montanaro, president of the Italian Truffle Society in Alba, Italy. Paolo’s white truffle oil delightfully captures the delicate, sweet, garlicky, and mushroom aromas of a freshly foraged white winter truffle. Our fresh Super Premium EVOO base gives this pleasantly fragrant oil a spectacularly clean flavor with true-to-truffle aromas throughout. This is by far the best truffle oil on the market. Its pleasurable flavor makes it not only an excellent finishing oil for potatoes, pasta, polenta, or risotto, but it is also great oil to use with Dijon mustard in vinaigrettes.

$21.00 – BUY NOW       $33.00 BUY NOW